We believe all dogs can be Pawfect Partners with the right guidance and training.  We use only reward based and positive reinforcement methods.
No two families or dogs are the same so we work on a one-2-one basis.  The first stage is a free assessment meeting, where I will ask lots of questions and simply observe you and your dog as you interact.  It is great if other family members can be there too so that I can see how you all get on as a family.  I will then devise a contract and action plan for you and your dog to follow.  If you would like to continue with the programme, you simply sign the contract and we will arrange dates for our sessions together.  Full remote support is available whilst you put the action plan into place and continues for 6 months after our final review meeting.  In most cases another meeting will not be necessary but if it is, no problem!  I make it my mission to never give up on a dog.
Specialist Dog Training and Behaviour advice in Southampton and surrounding areas.  For more details or if you have any questions, please get in touch here.